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Tag: World Wide Web

"Tramping alien territory in search of the Fountain of Sales"

In the course of writing about the demise of “plogs” (author blogs attached to books on Amazon), Victoria Strauss pegs something I’ve been thinking, too: In the harsh world of self-promotion, we’re all snatching at straws, reading runes, casting spells, and chasing our own tails, hoping that each new opportunity–websites! Blogs! Plogs! MySpace! Podcasting!–will be …

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From Verne to Vonnegut…

…is the name of this exhibition, celebrating “A Century of Science Fiction,” at the University of Delaware Library. I’ve only scratched the surface of what they’ve put on the Web, but I’ll be back to read it in depth. Alas, it seems unlikely I’ll make it to the University of Delaware to see the actual …

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Me on LiveJournal

Just for fun…and on the off chance it might be a useful novel-promotion tool…I’ve activated my LiveJournal account (which I’ve had for some time but haven’t really used) and will be cross-posting over there most of the stuff I post here. Although there may be some stuff that only appears there, and vice-versa. Should you …

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A better alternative to Wikipedia?

I hope it works out. As I like to say (and I don’t think I’m the first), “Wikipedia is a very useful tool. Sometimes it’s even right.” Here’s the nascent rival: Citizendium. It’s Wikipedia with real names…and experts.

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