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The Space-Time Continuum: Pros talk about rewriting prose

Cover of the July-September 2018 issue of Freelance. Here's my latest "Space-Time Continuum" column from the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild's newsletter Freelance... When I talk about writing (which I do, rather a lot), I’ll often say something like, “the most important part of writing is rewriting.” And I believe that’s true...but what rewriting means to an individual author varies. I’ve recently started a podcast, The Worldshapers, in which I chat with science fiction and fantasy authors about their creative process. One of my questions is always about revision: what do they do when they get to the end of the first draft?...

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I talk about worldbuilding!

On Tuesday of this week I gave a presentation at the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild office, part of its Write After Lunch series of authors' talks, entitled "Worldshaping." The topic was what is usually called "worldbuilding," but since my upcoming eighth novel for DAW Books (for which I just received the page proofs) is called Worldshaper, I thought I'd do a little marketing as well as lecturing. The presentation went over very well, and was broadcast on Facebook live while I was doing it and archived once I was done. I also took the liberty of putting it on YouTube...enjoy! 

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How to write YA fantasy: more story, less pretentiousness

On May 30 I gave a talk at the offices of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild for the Saskatchewan chapter of CANSCAIP, the Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers (that's their logo at left). The talk was live streamed and will eventually be on YouTube (I'll post a link once it was) but here is what I wrote in preparation for it, edited a bit. If you didn't see the talk and don't want to wait for the YouTube video, this will give you the gist. (Not that I read it very closely, so the actual talk varies considerably.)  How to Write Young Adult Fantasy by Edward Willett t didn’t ...

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Answering some questions about writing

I was recently asked, by someone on Facebook, several questions about writing, and I though the answers might be of general interest. And so here they are! How do you decide what ideas/characters/plots/etc. are good? Or which to keep? Hmmm. Of course, I think they’re all good. When I was starting out and writing everything “on spec” (that is, writing it first and then trying to sell it) it would simply be whatever idea grabbed me the hardest and could keep me going through the long process of writing a novel. These days, it’s a little different. My Masks of Aygrima series (written as E.C. Blake) began with ...

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Some writerly (in residence) advice

From last September through May of this year, I served as writer-in-residence at the Regina Public Library, the latest in a long string of writers to serve in that position, which I understand is the longest-running program of its kind in any library in the country. During my nine months, spending one day a week in my library office, I met with 75 individual writers, many more than once, some several times, critiquing their writing and answering their questions. And what, you may ask (or you may not, but I’m going to imagine you did so I have a reason to continue this post), was the writing advice ...

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Every book’s a stage, and all I really want to do is direct

Regular readers of this blog (if such people exist) will know that I act as well as write, and have done since I was 11 years old and in Grade 7 at Weyburn Junior High School, when I was cast in the lead role of Petruchio in a one-act adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. Perhaps it was because I got to carry a (plastic) sword, and even draw and wave it around at one point, but I was hooked. (No, it wasn’t because I got kissed by a girl, which was not as high on my list of things I wanted to happen at that point as it ...

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How to become a science fiction writer

Hello, my name is Ed, and I'm a science fiction writer. I'm the author of four young adult fantasy and science fiction titles, Soulworm, The Dark Unicorn, Andy Nebula: Interstellar Rock Star, and Spirit Singer (all available at Book & Brier Patch as paperbacks; Spirit Singer is also available as an e-book from Awe-Struck E-Books). Yes, I make far more money writing non-fiction than I do writing science fiction. But that doesn't matter. In my heart, I'm first and foremost a science fiction writer. How did I become one? The same way you can become one--through three deceptively simple steps, the first of which is, "Read." Read, read, read. Then read some more. And ...

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Write what you know?

"Write what you know" is one of those tiresome bits of advice that beginning writers are forever having thrown at them. As a science fiction writer, I've always rejected this particular maxim out of hand, because, after all, I've never been a homeless street musician who ends up sharing a cheap hotel room with an eight-tentacled orange alien, but that's how my novel Andy Nebula: Interstellar Rock Star begins. If I limited myself to writing what I know, I always figured, I'd be stuck writing about the life of a freelance writer and actor in Regina, Saskatchewan, which, while it is not without interest, is never going to win me that Hugo Award I'd so dearly ...

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