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See you at Word on the Street Saskatoon!

PostersYA FinalI’m really looking forward to being a featured author at Word on the Street in Saskatoon on September 21. I’ll be part of a panel (along with Arthur Slade, Sean Cummings, and Jefferson Smith) called Other Worlds on the Prairies, focusing on writing science fiction and fantasy, which will be (appropriately enough) in the “Brave New World” tent at 2:30. We’ll be talking and taking questions for an hour, then we’ll be signing books.

The image is the poster WOTS is putting up in high schools. Cool, huh?

Hope to see you there!

Another nice review of Masks: “a great page-turner and a fantastic start to an exciting new series”

Untitled-10T.E.J. Johnson gives a rousing review to Masks:

“The novel is fast paced and Mara gets herself in and out of a million-tangles as she falls from a high-born Aygriman citizen, to concentration-camp prisoner to unmasked rebel…I would thoroughly recommend this novel; it is a great page-turner and a fantastic start to an exciting new series.”

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Another satisfied Shadows reader: SciFi Chick

Shadows Cover Cropped SmallerSciFi Chick, who loved Masks, also enjoyed Shadows:

“Full of suspense, mystery, magic, and a bit of romance – the intensity builds to a climactic ending. And as before, I look forward to the next in this incredible fantasy series.”

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Quill & Quire likes Twist of the Blade

Twist of the Blade for WebQuill & Quire, “Canada’s Magazine of Book News and Reviews,” gives Twist of the Blade a great review (Q&Q liked Song of the Sword, too, in its original version):

Regina-based author Edward Willet offers a satisfying second instalment in his Shards of Excalibur series, a modern-day fantasy based on the legend of King Arthur…

Twist of the Blade offers an enticing sense of danger and excitement as Ariane pursues her mission, but the narrative doesn’t shy away from the story’s human elements…It’s refreshing to read a story in which the heroes and villains are not cut-and-dried, and readers can look forward to three more instalments in this genuinely entertaining myth-based series.

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CanLit for Little Canadians likes Song of the Sword

Song of the Sword Cover CoteauHelen Kubiw gives Song of the Sword a great review at CanLit for Little Canadians, writing in part:

Because Edward Willett ensures that there is a lot of action in Song of the Sword as well as emotional issues of family and trust, it’s a fantasy that will grip teens of both genders…Edward Willett blends the humour with the ethereal fantasy of Song of the Sword so easily…Readers will be right in there, cheering for Ariane and Wally, worried with every obstacle that jumps into their path, hopeful that the bad guy won’t prevail.

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Addicted 2 Heroines gives Shadows 4 stars: “an addictive series”

addicted2heroinesheader_5Addicted 2 Heroines, which liked Masks, likes Shadows, too!

Reviewer Cat writes:

“…I devoured this story. I was hanging on to every word, fascinated by Mara’s predicament with the Autarch and the darkness that threatened to consume her…New alliances were formed, old alliances broken, and the love triangle that began in Masks found a resolution that the majority of readers will be pleased with…The Masks of Aygrima’s dark magic, powerful young heroine, and group of rebels plotting to overthrow a tyrannical leader make this an addictive series that I would recommend to any fantasy fan.”

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Not Yet Read says Shadows “more action packed” than Masks!

header_logo_top2Tabitha at Not Yet Read reviews Shadows, and likes what she sees, calling it “more action-packed and fast moving that the first.”

Mara has had a lot of harsh growing up to do for her young 15 years…I love how much she has grown in this book from the start to finish. She is such an excellent sympathetic character that you can’t help but root for and be curious as to what trouble she’ll get into next…The tension and stakes were definitely ratcheted up much higher this time around…I’m anticipating a big to do in the next book and I can already tell by how much I enjoy this author’s writing style that it is going to be a great book. I highly recommend this series for fantasy fans!

Read the whole thing.

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Win a free autographed copy of Shadows! Enter now!

IMG_0964With the release of Shadows, it’s time for a book giveaway! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below. At the end of next week (August 16) I’ll draw one name and that lucky winner will receive an autographed copy of Shadows, absolutely free.

Please share with anyone you think might be interested!

I’ll also be collecting names on Facebook and at ecblake.com.

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Another great review for Shadows…

Shadows Cover Cropped SmallerAnother good review for Shadows, over at Crystal Book Reviews:

“Adventure, battles, scenes of devastating power and ruthlessness, mistakes galore, kindness, compassion, love, and so much more fill these pages which will be sure to delight every fan of fantasy, science fiction, adventure, thrillers and mysteries!”

Read the whole thing.

Early review for Shadows gives it five stars–higher than Masks

Shadows Cover Cropped SmallerShadows releases August 5, and one of the first to review it, Candace over at Candace’s Book Blog, has given it five stars, rating at as better than Masks:

“This book, to me, was EPIC. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop. I devoured it in two sittings and thought about it when I slept, or I should say,tried to sleep…

“This is a book where the characters are well done and the world building is fantastic as well…

“This book had me fully emotionally invested and at one point I found myself literally sitting on the edge of my seat, and I was sitting on the couch! It’s an intense ride but very well done and in  my opinion this series doesn’t have nearly as much attention as it should have. This is the second book but it’s even better than the first, which is rare!…

“Raw, powerful, emotional and intense. Shadows is a book that captivated me from page one and had me literally on the edge of my seat. A year until the next book?!  It’s going to be a long year, I need it NOW!”

Read the whole thing.