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Five-star review for I Tumble Through the Diamond Dust

Jim Bennett, who reviews poetry for KBR (The Kindle Book Review) and is himself a poet, liked I Tumble Through the Diamond Dust rather a lot, giving it five out of five stars: "Willett writes speculative fiction, so these poems are unusual. They are also a lot of fun. Willett’s illustrator, Wendi Nordell, has added to our enjoyment of this book with an amazing full-page drawing accompanying each poem. That makes this an even more unusual work..." He singles out five specific poems, "The Telling," "Saint Billy," "I Remember His Eyes," "I Will Ride Off the Horizon," and "Emily Alison Atkinson Finds God," and ends with: "My personal ...

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New short-story collection Paths to the Stars now available!

My new short-story collection, Paths to the Stars: Twenty-Two Fantastical Tales of Imagination, has just been released by Shadowpaw Press. The stories in it span my writing career--the oldest is one I wrote at age 19 (or possibly 18, I'm not sure) at Harding University; the newest just came out earlier this year.  They're roughly fifty-fifty young adult and adult stories. Where can you get it? Well, you can buy it in all popular ebook formats or get an autographed directly from me through my new online shop. You can also buy it at any of these links: Shadowpaw Press| Amazon.com| Amazon.ca| Chapters/Indigo| Barnes & Noble Here's the official ...

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My interview on “The Writer’s Block” on L.A. Talk Radio

I had a great time on "The Writer's Block" program on L.A. Talk Radio last week; as they describe it on their webpage, the conversation was "fun, educational, and occasionally, somewhat nonsensical." You can listen to it here.

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The Space-Time Continuum: How a small-town Saskatchewan boy launched science fiction’s Golden Age

My most recent Space-Time Continuum column for Freelance, the magazine of the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild.  The Golden Age of science fiction, many say, began with the publication of A.E. van Vogt’s story “Black Destroyer” in Astounding in 1939. Isaac Asimov’s first story for Astounding appears in that same issue; the next contained the first story by Robert A. Heinlein, and the next the first by Theodore Sturgeon. But A.E. van Vogt’s story started it all—and van Vogt was a Saskatchewan boy. Although Alfred Elton van Vogt was born April 26, 1912, on a farm in the Russian Mennonite community of Edenburg, near the border town of Gretna, MB, his ...

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Audiobook of I Tumble Through the Diamond Dust now available!

The audiobook of my collection of science fiction and fantasy poetry, I Tumble Through the Diamond Dust, which I narrated myself, is now available through Audible and iTunes. Of course, when you buy the audiobook, you don't get the wonderful illustrations by my niece, Wendi Nordell (except for a small portion of the cover art), so I recommend getting both. The print book is available through my bookstore, as well as through Indigo and from the publisher, Your Nickel's Worth Press. Here's one of the poems, "Saint Billy": [audio mp3="https://edwardwillett.com/wp-content/uploads//2018/06/Saint-Billy-without-preamble.mp3"][/audio]  

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Announcing the Edward Willett bookstore!

For a long time I've wanted to set up an online store where people can order books directly from me--autographed, of course (except for the ebooks, because I haven't figured out how to do that, yet). After a not-inconsiderable amount of work, I'm pleased to announce that my very own personal bookstore, The Fantastic Worlds of Edward Willett, is open for business! Now I just have to go through this site and add links to it all over the place...more hours of work. But here's the first place to link to it. Browse! Better yet, buy!

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Announcing Shadowpaw Press

Like many authors, I've got a few projects that I'd like to get out into the wide world for which I do not have a publisher handy, and so I am turning to my own publishing resources--something far easier to do today than ever before. Rather than simply self-publish, however, I've decided to go the somewhat more complicated (but offering-more-opportunities) route of setting up my own independent press, which I've named Shadowpaw Press after our black Siberian cat (because, why not? Also, he has a publishing pedigree of sorts--see "My publisher brought me a kitten!") who also serves as the logo. (Preliminary logo--I think I'll be doing more work on ...

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Successful poetry book launch, complete with music!

I Tumble Through the Diamond Dust officially launched on Saturday night, with a great event attending by thirty-five people or so, in the basement of The Artesian on 13th (a former church converted into a theatre). There's been one great review of the book so far. Shelley A. Leedahl, herself a Saskatchewan poet, writes: “Prolific Regina writer Edward Willett took a great idea and ran with it…and the result is this creative, entertaining, and occasionally spine-tingling collection of poems that no one but Willett – well-known for authoring sixty books, including twenty science fiction and fantasy novels – could pull off.” Read the whole review! Like a copy? You can get it here: Amazon.ca | ...

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I talk about worldbuilding!

On Tuesday of this week I gave a presentation at the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild office, part of its Write After Lunch series of authors' talks, entitled "Worldshaping." The topic was what is usually called "worldbuilding," but since my upcoming eighth novel for DAW Books (for which I just received the page proofs) is called Worldshaper, I thought I'd do a little marketing as well as lecturing. The presentation went over very well, and was broadcast on Facebook live while I was doing it and archived once I was done. I also took the liberty of putting it on YouTube...enjoy! 

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Praise from Saskatchewan Book Awards jurors for The Cityborn

Last night the 25th annual Saskatchewan Book Awards were presented at the Conexus Arts Centre. My science fiction novel The Cityborn was shortlisted for the City of Regina Book Award, for "the best book by a Regina author, judged on the quality of the writing." This is, I believe, the eighth time I've been shortlisted, and I won the City of Regina Book Award in 2002 for Spirit Singer; in fact, on the display board at the door last night they had photos of some past winners, myself among them (look closely at the photo I'm indicating in the photo accompanying this post!). My competition this year include Anne Campbell's ...

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