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From Black Gate: Rebels in a Society of Masks: The Masks of Aygrima Trilogy by E.C. Blake

From Shelley A. Leedahl: Four Book Reviews: Tim Lilburn, Edward Willett, Allan Kehler, Sara Williams and Bob Bors

From SciFi & Fantasy Network: Song of the Sword released as audiobook

Interview by Karina Kantis’s on Author Assist, ArtistFirst Radio (I’m in the second half)

From Opal Publishing: Author Event: Song of the Sword

From YouTube: Google Hangout discussion of new anthology Planetary: Venus

I’m on the cover of Indie Authors Monthly

From Superversive SF: Signal Boost: Song of the Sword on Audible

Interview on Just Joshing Podcast

Featured Author in Bushwakker’s Authors’ Corner


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