Edward Willett

I Tumble Through the Diamond Dust

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Available in print through Chapters/Indigo or the publisher, Your Nickel’s Worth Press.

Within these pages lie twenty-one poems…and twenty-one worlds: worlds in the farthest reaches of space, worlds steeped in myth and legend, worlds that never were, and worlds that yet could be.

Written by award-winning science fiction and fantasy author Edward Willett, and beautifully illustrated by Alberta artist Wendi Nordell, each poem was inspired by—and contains—two lines of published poetry from Saskatchewan poets, sent out every weekday by former Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Gerald Hill as a Poetry Month challenge to members of the Saskatchewan Writers Guild in April 2016.

Every poem tells a story. Some are frightening. Some are funny. Some are poignant, some surreal. Enter a realm of unfettered imagination…and embrace the fantastical.

Cover art by Wendi Nordell.

Read a sample poem:

“There’s Nothing Artificial About Love”