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Saturday Special: The First Two Chapters of The Haunted Horn

For this week’s Saturday Special, the first chapter of the YA/middle-grade ghost story The Haunted Horn, which I’ve just released to Kindle (other ebook formats and eventually print to follow). It’s set in Arkansas, where I went to university, although Searcy bears only a passing resemblance to the Oak Bluff of the story (although both …

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Did you know there’s a Saskatchewan Provincial Paranormal Research Centre?

I didn’t…until now.

Using science to disprove ghosts, vampires and zombies…

…as a University of Central Florida physics professor has done–is a silly game. As if people who believe in ghosts and vampires in the first place are going to be put off by scientific arguments to the contrary. It’s like saying magic can’t exist because it’s not science. Well, no, it’s not, but that’s the …

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