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Tag: polls

A tale with two openings

I’d like your opinion. Which of the following two opening sentences (for a somewhat steampunkish YA science fiction novel) intrigues you more, and why? Just after the the Amazing Belgrani made himself disappear in a puff of purple smoke, and while the stage was being set for the supposedly spectacular high-wire fire-eating act of the …

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What should I call my new novel?

I didn’t get any comments in response to my posted question about possible titles, so let’s try…a poll! Besides, I’ve been dying to have a poll on my blog just like all the other bloggers. (Peer pressure: not just for high school any more!) So vote: What title should I put on my new book? …

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Opinion polls

If you’ve been paying special attention to the news recently, it’s just possible you may have heard or seen one or two items relating to a peculiar recurring phenomenon called a “national election.” Like the Capistrano swallows, elections return at regular (more-or-less) intervals, and attract a great deal of attention when they do. Some of …

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