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Searching out shipwrecks

Earlier this month, a company called Odyssey Marine Explorations Inc. announced that it has discovered the sunken wreck of the S.S. Republic, a steamer that went down in a hurricane off Savannah, Georgia, on October 25, 1865, carrying $400,000 in $20 gold coins–worth $120 to $180 million today. There was a time when sending a …

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We’ve heard a lot recently about the Russian space station Mir and the new International Space Station. But most people don’t know about a third station designed to allow humans to live and work in a hostile environment–not space, but the sea. It’s called Aquarius, and recently a team of six “aquanauts” completed an eight-day …

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Scuba diving

Now that winter has descended upon us in earnest, many Canadians are planning a trip south to Florida or the Caribbean, where they’ll bask in the warm sun, eat exotic foods–and maybe even try a little scuba diving. “Scuba” is a word in its own right now, but originally it was an acronym for “Self-Contained …

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