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Photo of the Day: Mount Stephen’s Hall

No blogging today, and no writing, because we’ve been tasting wine and eating great food at the International Wine and Food Festival at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Here’s where we had lunch: Mt. Stephen’s Hall. Not bad, eh? (There’s currently a wedding dance going on down there–our room is right above it, alas, and …

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Reidel wine glasses

I had the pleasure of attending the International Festival of Wine and Food at the Banff Springs Hotel over the weekend. This event combines gourmet meals with tastings of some of the world’s best wines. But one tasting was very different: instead of tasting wine, those attending tasted glasses. They witnessed a demonstration by Georg …

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The process of making wine begins, of course, with growing grapes and extracting their juice.  But then what happens? I’m here to elucidate (which is not a word you want to try saying after you’ve drunk a little too much wine, by the way). Once the juice is in the vat, it’s left to ferment. …

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