Nanotech doesn’t necessarily mean tiny robots

This story about a miniscule DNA computer (as opposed to, what? A giant DNA computer filling several rooms?) doesn’t use the word “nanotechnology,” but I have to admit I wonder why. It’s technology, it’s definitely on the nanoscale.

Is the term “nanotechnology” becoming limited to non-organic devices? That would be silly. If I may quote my own column on the topic from 2001:

Some researchers approach nanotchnology from a “top-down” approach, making existing technology smaller; others are taking the “bottom-up” approach, focusing on mimicking the existing ability of living cells to manipulate matter on the nano level. Cells, after all, turn food, water and air into skin, muscles, feathers, teeth and leaves. Perhaps we can create artificial devices that can accomplish similar feats.

Such as a DNA computer. Definitely nanotech, in my book…er, blog.

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