Writing Diary: June 29, 2004

A productive day, I think–I sent off the genetics book proposal, and hope to have good news on that front shortly. I prepared my science column and sent it to the newspaper and posted it to the blog (scroll down). And I got in another good hour and a half or so on the novel. I worked on a very important scene, lots of magical action, lots of fun…except, as I was walking home, I began to wonder if perhaps it’s in the wrong place. I intended it as a scene of my heroine’s magical powers awakening, but I think I might have gone overboard–until it happens, her powers are just stirring, and all of a sudden they seem full-blown. I’m beginning to think the scene needs to go to the end of the book, especially since it also involves the humiliation of the secondary villain. It might be more satisfying, a kind of “scouring of the Shire” thing, if, after all the major adventures involving the Big Villain are over, she is then able to deal with the relatively minor annoyance of the local bully.

Of course, the local bully happens to be the sister of my main male character…

Well, I haven’t decided for sure yet. But I will. I will!

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