Writing Diary: July 6 & 7, 2004

A fairly productive couple of days. I lost some time yesterday morning to having to take my daughter for a checkup, and some today to hosting Radio Dell’Arte, the arts program I co-host on CJTR, Regina’s community radio station. (Read, volunteer station–no pay for the work, but it is fun, most of the time.)

Yesterday, of course, I also had to prepare my science column for both my online subscribers and the Regina Leader Post, which recently moved it to a different page and day. On the plus side, it’s now 600 words long in the Leader Post instead of just 470, and that means it takes less rewriting from the 750-word version I prepare for my online subscribers.

In any event, I made it to Second Cup yesterday and Book & Brier today to work on Excalibur Reforged. Yesterday was primarily rewriting an Ariane scene; today was turning what had been a kind of info-dump chapter told from Ariane’s POV into one told from Wally’s POV. Since Wally is the one doing the info-dumping (primarily to lay the groundwork for future books in the putative series) this made more sense than the way I had it originally anyway. I’m confident I made the right choice deciding to add sections in Wally’s POV.

Later in the afternoon, both yesterday and today, I worked on the Orson Scott Card biography, and sent off the first chapter to him so he can check for errors of fact. The first chapter is all about the genesis of Ender’s Game. The second chapter, which I’ll begin tomorrow, will start at the more usual place for a biography to start–namely, the birth of the biographee.

I’m glad to be finally writing it. I don’t think it’ll take too long if I can just keep my stick-to-it-ivity level high enough.

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