Writing Diary: August 25, 2004

Let’s see, I must have done some writing today…

Well, not much, actually. I had to several queries to answer on the physics book whose page proofs I dealt with yesterday; then I had to design an ad for Regina Lyric Light Opera‘s upcoming auditions, then I had a lunch date. In the early afternoon I wrote on Razor Wind for an hour or so–got several pages done–then I had to deliver the ad to the newspaper, and then the afternoon was mysteriously pretty much over. I’m not quite sure where the day went; must have something to do with my dopamine levels.

Tomorrow lots of family coming; my brother is taking the old family piano back to Edmonton and bringing my Mom up from Weyburn and we’re having a big dinner tomorrow night at Earl’s. Don’t know how much writing I’ll get done.

I did hear, however, from my main critiquer of Excalibur Reforged: she liked it! She really liked it! That’s a relief. Maybe I didn’t waste my time on that sucker after all.

I’m going to stick with Razor Wind until her annotated copy of the manuscript gets back, then I’ll probably return to it for a good rewrite. After that, I need to plan out the remaining books in the series in some detail, and after that, I hope, it’s off to market.

I also heard from my contact at the Saskatchewan Science Centre; he liked my comic strip script, too.

Maybe I actually do know how to write, at least a little…

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