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I updated the SF Canada website that I maintain (as administrative assistant for the organization, which is Canada’s professional association of speculative fiction writers) today–at long last; it should have been updated April 1. However, I got around that by unilaterally declaring the last update (which itself was late, having been done at the beginning of February instead of the beginning of January) the “Winter/Spring 2006” version. The new one is “Summer 2006,” with the next, I hope, to happen on time at the beginning of October.

Featured this time around: an interview of Guy Gavriel Kay by Celu Amberstone and two short stories, “Going Harvey in the Big House” by Douglas Smith and “Chasing Goodbye” by Steven Mills. There’s also fresh awards news. Of course, I try to keep the current news page updated constantly, so there’s always something fresh at the site.

I’ve also redone what I’m now calling the SF Canada Bookstore: it’s your one-stop shop for all the current books of any of our members whose books are listed by Amazon.ca: by current, I mean anything, original or reissue, that Amazon identifies as having been published in 2005 or 2006. Check it out, and buy a book!

One of mine would be nice…

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