A sampling of honest automotive taglines…

…penned by automotive blogger Sam Barer:

Chrysler – Beauty might be skin deep, but our inept dealer network is nationwide.

Dodge – Sucking the world’s oil supply dry one Hemi at a time.

Ferrari – Pretty cars helping to lure pretty chicks

Ford – Survival is job one

GMC — The best work trucks for those whose jobs weren’t exported to

Honda – If your house looks like your neighbors, shouldn’t your car too?

Hummer – Every man loves a Hummer.

Hyundai – Certainly more reliable than Ford

Infiniti – Our cars are good, but our advertising firms ensure you don’t know that.

Isuzu – Joe Isuzu says: “We’ll be around next year…trust me.”

Jaguar — As traditionally British as oil leaks and electrical fires.

Jeep – Because the road to the mall can be such a jungle

There are lots more!

Oh, what do I drive? A Volvo:

Volvo – Safety: you can’t get killed in a car that’s always being serviced at the dealership

(Via A Writer’s Life.)

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