Sad news from Weyburn

From the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild e-bulletin:

We are very sad to announce that Isabelle Eaglesham passed away on September 23. Isabelle belonged to the Saskatchewan Writers Guild from its inception. A founding member of the Weyburn Writers Group, she and another local member, the late Kay Flury, travelled to the founding meeting of the SWG. When they got there and stood outside the door they were too shy to go in, something she always regretted. Isabelle was a driving force behind the Soo Line Historical Museum in Weyburn which is believed to house the largest silver collection in the world, from the estate of Charlie Wilson. She wrote the Weyburn history book The Night the Cat Froze in the Oven.

I knew Isabelle well from my days in Weyburn as a reporter and then editor of the Weyburn Review. We referred to The Night the Cat Froze in the Oven every time we wrote anything about the city’s history.

Sad news.

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