Spider goats regain lead!

It’s been a week, and “spider goats” has regained the lead as the top search term bringing people to edwardwillett.com.

But that’s misleading. There are four search terms in this batch (all terms in the double digits in the last 4,000 visits) that are essentially the same: “physics of football,” “football physics,” “aerodynamics of a football” and “the physics of football.” (Considering the international nature of the ‘Net, perhaps “science of soccer” belongs in there, too.) Clearly, more peoople are interested in sports than in goats genetically modified to produce spider silk in their milk.

Go figure.

One seasonal search makes an appearance: “remembrance day poems.”

Here are the top search terms this week:

25 spider goat 0.6%
23 physics of football 0.6%
22 time perception 0.6%
20 hygiene hypothesis 0.5%
20 animal intelligence 0.5%
17 football physics 0.4%
16 how to make french fries 0.4%
15 hibernating animals 0.4%
14 science of soccer 0.4%
14 remembrance day poems 0.4%
14 aerodynamics of a football 0.4%
13 golf technology 0.3%
12 wine glasses 0.3%
11 the physics of football 0.3%
10 sensory evaluation 0.3%
10 kinds of microscopes 0.3%
10 choosing a mate 0.3%
10 battle suit

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