And…I’m back

The reading went fine, but the best part of the evening was on my way out of the lobby. I stopped at the front desk to ask the young woman there if she would call me a cab. Which she did. I was carrying Lost in Translation, of course, and she noticed it and said, “That’s a good book. I liked it.” It was then my great pleasure to tell her that I, in fact, had written it. She didn’t even realize the author was from Saskatchewan.

A very nice ego-boo moment indeed.

Feeling quite cocky, I got in the taxi, went off and had a fine dinner at the cafe attached to McNally Robinson bookstore. Then I read and talked about Lost in Translation. Sold two books and signed every copy I could lay my hands on for the boostore to sell later. I’m told they’ve been selling a couple a week, which isn’t too bad…means they’ve probably reordered it once or twice, anyway.

The reading went fine, but the crowd was…not large. In fact, you can see a full 50 percent of it in the photo below (taken by Ian Goodwillie who organizes these things for the bookstore):

Oh, well. Maybe I’ll get more when I’m back up here in a couple of weeks to read from A Safe and Prosperous Future.

Home tomorrow, and a big push to finish up Historic Walks of Regina and Moose Jaw awaits!

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