The latest additions to my oeuvre…

…arrived this week, to whit my thrill-a-minute educational books Neon and Magnesium, both published by Rosen Publishing.

The books are part of Rosen’s series “Understanding the Elements of the Periodic Table.”

It looks like I’ll soon be working on another Rosen book plus two more for the other educational publisher I do quite a bit with, Enslow Publishers, plus I’ve got to get some proposals finished up for novels and other things, so…keeping busy.

UPDATE: Bizarrely, today (March 21) I received a second box of these books. Only this time I was charged $37.05 in customs fees for the privilege. The deliverer? UPS, of course, which somehow almost always manages to find something it needs money for, although the employee who dropped off the books made a point of saying the fees were charged by the government, not by UPS.

Whatever. I’d just like to know why the first box arrived free of charge and the second cost me money. It’s not like I needed a whole ‘nother box of these books…

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