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Foresight: Speculative Fiction in Canada

That’s the name of a Canada Council-funded reading and discussion series starting up soon at the Toronto Public Library–and I’ll be one of the 26 featured authors.

Here’s how my two events are described:
Candas Jane Dorsey and Edward Willett
Two of Canadian SF’s most fearless explorers of big ideas, Candas Jane Dorsey (A Paradigm of Earth) and Edward Willett (Marseguro) will read from recent work and discuss what science fiction can tell us about the personal and political worlds we live in now. Followed by Q&A and book-signing; books for sale by Bakka-Phoenix Science Fiction Bookstore.
Wednesday, May 28, 7 p.m.

Edward Willett and Alison Baird
For teens and young adults
Edward Willett reads from Marseguro, the story of a race of amphibious humans on a distant planet covered in water, and the threats they face from religious zealots opposed to genetic engineering. Alison Baird reads from her Dragon Throne trilogy, an epic of love and war set in a fantastical Celestial Empire. Q&A to follow.
Thursday, May 29, 5 p.m.

So apparently I’m one of “Canadian SF’s most fearless explorers of big ideas.” Heh. I like that. I’m not sure it’s actually, you know, true, but I like it!

There are some big SF and fantasy names on the list, people like Nalo Hopkinson, Dave Duncan, Karl Schroeder, Guy Gavriel Kay, Cory Doctorow and more–something for everyone. If you live in Toronto, make the effort to attend some of these events. It sounds like a fabulous series.

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