The fifth sentence of page 123 meme

This one has been around for awhile, and this is the second time I’ve been tagged (the first time The Walrus Said tagged me, but I was too busy to get around to it), so what the heck.

Ken McConnell did the tagging this time. Here’s how it works: you take the closest book at hand (preferably a fiction book), turn to page 123, and copy the fifth sentence thereof.

I reached out to my bookshelf, where the closest book proved to be the (as-yet-unread) science fiction novel Cauldron, by Jack McDevitt. The fifth sentence:

They would be, she said, part of the show.

You’re next supposed to tag other people to do the same thing in their blogs, but I really hate doing that, so I’ll just say, if you read this, and you blog, have at it!

Just for fun, here’s the fifth sentence of page 123 of each of my own novels, in order of publication:

The downstairs was hopeless, every wall on fire, but upstairs…upstairs…

The Dark Unicorn – Page 123 doesn’t have five sentences, so from Page 124…
“But where?”

Andy Nebula: Interstellar Rock Star
To prove it, I ran my hands over my chest–and swore.

Spirit Singer
When Amarynth tripped on the twisted bush of a thorn bush he helped her to her feet with a chuckle and said the Messenger would surely hear them coming, at any rate.

Lost in Translation
I am flightless.

He…he probably thought he was rescuing me.

And from the submitted manuscript of Terra Insegura
And before they could retake the ship, they had to deal with the computer.

I’ll resist the temptation to do the same thing with twenty or thirty or my non-fiction books…

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    • Janet on June 18, 2008 at 3:25 pm
    • Reply

    Better late than never. I do agree with you. The worst part of memes is tagging someone else.

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