What is science fiction?" A definitive answer at last!

John C. Wright* nails down the ever-pesky definition of science fiction:

Science Fiction is that genre of cognitive estrangement in a post-Gothic mode, utilizing a willing suspension of disbelief, transcending anthropocentricism and temporal provincialism, where spacemen, raygun in fist, soar through outer space with a glamorous brunette Space-Babes in their brawny arms.

He offers extensive pictorial proof. And I’m pleased to say the cover of Marseguro, with a brunette Space-Babe (OK, she has gills, but still) on the cover (in a skin-tight wetsuit!) being at least peripherally menaced by a giant robot (it’s on the back of the book, but close enough), definitely qualifies it as science fiction.

Whew. That’s a relief!

*Founder of the Space Princess Movement, of which I am an official member

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