My review of Saturday’s Regina Symphony Orchestra concert…

…is in today’s LeaderPost. It begins:

There’s something surreal about watching a symphony orchestra decked out in iterations of green and white playing Prokofiev and Mendelssohn, but even if clothes make the man, they don’t make (or unmake) the concert, and the Regina Symphony Orchestra gave another terrific performance Saturday night at the Conexus Arts Centre.

The highlight was Prokofiev’s “Second Piano Concerto,” considered one of the most difficult pieces of piano music ever composed — and yet, so well played by soloist Hung-Kuan Chen that if conductor Victor Sawa hadn’t told the audience how difficult it was they might not have suspected it — unless they were among the half of the crowd who could see Chen’s fingers flying up and down the keyboard at a speed that might have made you suspect a camera trick in a filmed performance.

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