Tag: childhood

Christmas and me

I like Christmas. I like the traditional songs, the lights, the trees, the food, the presents, the getting together with friends and family, all of that stuff. I like A Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas and A Christmas Carol (Muppet, Mickey Mouse, George C. Scott or Alistair Sim versions, or all …

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Grandpa, big brother, and me

My brother Jim took home a bunch of my father’s old slides after his visit with my Mom over the weekend, and has started scanning some of them and posting them over on Facebook. I particularly liked this one. This is me (the little guy), my brother Dwight (five years older to the day) and …

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The science of the midway

I realized early on that I was never going to have as much fun at the midway as some people do. I was seven years old, and the county fair had come to Tulia, Texas. The tiny midway only had a half-dozen rides, but I rode them all. Then, on the way home, I threw …

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