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Back and looking forward

As you may have noticed, blogging has taken a back seat to other activities recently while I was acting in Beauty and the Beast up in Saskatoon, but I’m settling back into a regular home routine again and ready to start off a new year of Hassenpfeffering. And it’s looking to be quite the year. …

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The first sentence I wrote today

Richard Hansen looked at the man who had appeared on the vidscreen in response to his request to speak to The Avatar.Words today, plus a few from Sunday I didn’t blog: 2,139Total thus far: 15,630Percentage completed: 13 So here I am back in Saskatoon for the last week of rehearsals for Beauty and the Beast …

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The full cover for my new novel, Marseguro…

…arrived via FedEx today, along with the page proofs which I must now carefully proofread and get back to DAW by October 26. Woo-hoo! Here’s the full cover: The blurb above the title reads “Can the hidden colony of Marseguro survive rediscovery?” And here’s the back copy: Marseguro, a water world far distant from Earth, …

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They like me, they really like me!

Just heard from my agent that DAW is going to buy my proposed sequel to Marseguro, working title Terra Insegura. Woo-hoo! Watch for the return of “the first sentence I wrote today” in the very near future…

My publisher revamps its website!

OK, not the hugest news in the world, but until now the DAW Books website was a good two years out of date and, quelle horreur, my name did not appear on it anywhere. Now, it does!

Marseguro available for pre-order!

Well, well, look at this: my new novel from DAW Books, Marseguro, is listed on, which means you can pre-order it already, even though it’s not due out until February: Cool! Buy now and avoid the rush!

Marseguro revision submitted!

Yay! At approximately 2:30 a.m. I finished and sent off the revised version of my new novel, Marseguro. I don’t expect to see it again until page proofs. My editor at DAW, Sheila Gilbert, responded by sending my the cover art, but I’m not sure if I can post that here, yet, so I’ll hold …

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"So, how did it go?"

I’m sure that’s the question you’re dying to ask about my telephone conversation with my editor at DAW, Sheila Gilbert, earlier today. It went very well…it also went on for an hour and a half and produced five single-spaced pages of notes. I now have a couple of months to rewrite the whole thing and …

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Marseguro update

I’ve finally heard from Sheila Gilbert at DAW regarding my new book (which she refers to as Marseguro, so maybe that actually will be the title); she’s going to call tomorrow to discuss some editorial revisions (a few things that need “fleshing out” and some “points we need to discuss for clarification”). Wish me luck! …

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