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Sermons from my father

When I posted my eulogy for my father, James Lee Willett, for Father’s Day, I neglected to provide one important link: many of Dad’s sermons are online as MP3 files. You can download them here. My previous post reminded me!

Photo of the Day that was Actually Taken on Father’s Day: Me and My Girl

More photos here.

For Father’s Day…

…the eulogy I wrote for my father, James Lee Willett, who died five years ago. EULOGY FOR JAMES LEE WILLETT, 1926-2002 James Lee Willett was born January 9, 1926, in Mesilla, New Mexico, to Ewan Chambers Willett and Bessie Brown Willett. He received his elementary education at Burkburnett, Texas, and his secondary education at Coffeyville, …

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