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Choral music and me, with links to actual music!

I've sung choral music all my life. Growing up in the Church of Christ, every Sunday morning and Sunday night and Wednesday night, I was singing hymns and gospel songs, a cappella. I started as a boy soprano, sang alto for a while, switched to tenor for about a year, and then settled into the bass-baritone I am today. In high school, I sang in the choruses conducted by my father, James Lee Willett, at Western Christian College. At Harding University in Arkansas, I sang in the Harding A Cappella Chorus, directed by Dr. Kenneth Davis Jr., and also in the rather boringly named Men's Ensemble. Since then, I've sung with the Regina Philharmonic Chorus, the University of Regina Chamber Singers, ...

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What’s in a name?

It's not exactly a secret, since I've been telling everyone everywhere for some time, but my next book from DAW, the fantasy novel Magebane, will not be appearing under the name Edward Willett, but under a pseudonym, Lee Arthur Chane. This is a first for me, though it's pretty common; some writers have several pen names. There are many reasons for them, but in my case it's because Edward Willett started his career as a space opera/science fiction writer, and notwithstanding the Aurora Award for Marseguro and the nomination for Terra Insegura, didn't make as much of a splash as either he or his publisher would have ...

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Sermons from my father

When I posted my eulogy for my father, James Lee Willett, for Father's Day, I neglected to provide one important link: many of Dad's sermons are online as MP3 files. You can download them here.My previous post reminded me!

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For Father’s Day…

...the eulogy I wrote for my father, James Lee Willett, who died five years ago.EULOGY FOR JAMES LEE WILLETT, 1926-2002James Lee Willett was born January 9, 1926, in Mesilla, New Mexico, to Ewan Chambers Willett and Bessie Brown Willett. He received his elementary education at Burkburnett, Texas, and his secondary education at Coffeyville, Kansas.He attended Harding College, in Searcy, Arkansas, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and social studies, with minors in English and education—and met his future wife, Nina Mae Spears. (They were both riding home for Christmas, 1944, with the same boy—and ...

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