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The Destruction of K’ormal

A girl (well, she’s not a girl any more, obviously) I knew in high school just sent me a photo of something I haven’t seen in 30 years or so: a painting I created when I was about 17 to illustrate the climactic scene of the last book I wrote in high school, The Slavers …

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Juvenalia III: Romance!

You asked for it (OK, maybe you didn’t, but you’re going to get it anyway): here are romantic scenes from my three high school novels, The Golden Sword (Grade 10), Ship from the Unknown (Grade 11) and The Slavers of Thok (Grade 12). For those joining the party late, I’ve previously posted the opening pages …

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Juvenalia II: Action!

Proceeding with my sudden urge to bare all…er, literarily speaking…I present three action scenes from my high school novels, beginning, once again, with The Golden Sword. This is from page 144 of the manuscript, quite near the end: *** Suddenly there was a cry of triumph from the doorway and Cotin spun to face Kyle …

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One of the panels I’m scheduled to be on at Denvention 3, the World Science Fiction Convention in Denver August 6 to 10, is called “Writers reading from their juvenalia.” Juvenalia is defined by Merriam-Webster as “compositions produced in the artist’s or author’s youth.” But not everyone who reads this blog will be in Denver. …

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