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Choral music and me, with links to actual music!

I’ve sung choral music all my life. Growing up in the Church of Christ, every Sunday morning and Sunday night and Wednesday night, I was singing hymns and gospel songs, a cappella. I started as a boy soprano, sang alto for a while, switched to tenor for about a year, and then settled into the bass-baritone …

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Photo of the (Yester)Day: Me, Singing

Yesterday we travelled down to Weyburn for the 50-40 celebration, marking the 50th anniversary of the move of Western Christian College from Radville to Weyburn, and the 40th anniversary of the construction of the Weyburn Church of Christ’s current building. That building was brand-new when my parents moved our family to Weyburn for my father …

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Photo of the Day: My Fellow Canadians

No, I’m not announcing my candidacy for anything–although it certainly looks like I am, doesn’t it? Actually, this is a photo of me presenting the Willett Choral Award at the Western Christian College and High School graduation last month. It’s taken from the latest issue of the Western Christian Messenger.

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