More on the best ebook reader yet…

The Guardian takes a sneak peak at Sony’s remarkable new e-book reader.

Hey, I like paper as much as the next guy–but what’s really important about a book are its words, not how they’re presented. I get impatient with people who dismiss e-books out of hand because “you can’t read them in the bath” (so who has time for a bath? You can’t read a “real” book in the much more common real-world shower, either!) or “I like the smell of paper” (so keep a page crinkled up in your pocket you can stick under your nose whenever you need a fix!).

I welcome the day when I can have thousands of books and magazines that take up no space at all. I’m drowning in books and paper, and I’m sick of it. Let the trees be trees, I say–quit grinding them to pulp!

Go, Sony!

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