Writing Diary: July 19, 2004

Today being Monday, the first part of it (well, after the brisk walk around the lake in the warm, humid morning–yes, humidity in Regina!  Will wonders never cease?–and the coffee date with my wife) was spent on writing this week’s science column.  The topic was a no-brainer: tomorrow is the 35th anniversary of Apollo 11, and so it was of Apollo 11 I wrote, along with some reference to President Bush’s new vision for the space program, which includes a return to the moon, plus some information about moon probes planned by other countries.


I finished that just around 1 p.m., then went back down to Second Cup to work on Shards of Excalibur.  I’m getting close to the climax, and it was fun work today:  I should have it ready to go to critiquers by the end of the week, I think.


Today’s free sample:

She was at the bottom of an enormous open pit, its terraced, cliff-like walls rising all around, one looming right above her head. A tendril of water dribbled down that closest wall into the pool. Even though she remembered what she had just done, it amazed and terrified her to think that a moment before she had been part of that tiny stream, had somehow brought her material body in immaterial form through a crack in the wall barely wide enough to slip a penny into.

Living in a world where magic was real was bad enough. Living in a world in which magic was not only real, but at her command, was definitely going to take some getting used to.

By the time I got home, I had little time left, so rather than work on the Orson Scott Card biography, I filled out the programming preference sheet for ConVersion in Calgary, which I’ll be attending the first week in August.


A pretty good day!

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