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Writing Diary: July 2, 2004

Not much writing today; it’s not exactly a long weekend, but my wife took the afternoon off (lots of people took the day off!) and we went to see latest Harry Potter flick. Our favorite of the three, and the book was probably our favorite of all five so far.

Afterward, I did get in an hour or so on Excalibur Reforged. I added a scene with Wally at home observing the return of his sister after her big dust-up with my heroine, Ariane. Of course, if I decide to rewrite the scene of that big dust-up so that I can have an even bigger and more climactic dust-up at the end, this scene will have to be rewritten, too.

Next week I should get in lots more writing than this week, with no holidays to get in the way. I’d better–that Orson Scott Card biography continues to beckon, and the genetics book is likely to kick in before I’m ready for it.

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