Reading Diary: July 2, 2004

My wife and I continue to read The Subtle Knife; we’ll probably finish that up over the weekend and move on to the final book in the trilogy. After that, in probably another month or six weeks, I think we’re headed for Terry Pratchett’s The Wee Free Men.

On my own, I finished the latest Asimov’s, and my judgment of the issue remains the same as last week: the stories are fine, but nothing that really grabbed me, and nothing I’ll probably remember for the long term. No point in commenting further, that being the case.

I’ve just started John Varley’s Red Thunder, which I meant to read some time ago, but then got sidetracked.

And on the magazine front, I got the latest issue of PC Gamer. I enjoy good computer games, but I read it mainly for the reviews of really bad games!

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