Writing Diary: August 16, 2004

Back at work today after ten days’ break, and it’s a Monday, so today’s main writing task was the weekly science column. Today’s topic: xerography. It was 45 years ago that both I and the modern photocopying era were born, although the two things have nothing to do with each other–I assure you, I am an original, not a copy, photo- or otherwise. An article in the August issue of Smithsonian caught my eye and inspired (and provided facts for) my own brief review of the history of this enormously important technology.

I did get down to Second Cup for a brief bout of fiction writing. I’ve decided to finish Death Tide, a YA fantasy I’ve been working on off and on (mostly off) for years. It actually started a very long time ago as a story I was writing online–not on the Internet, but on a local BBS where I had a special account to allow me to post story segments. I actually wrote an entire novel (which I have done nothing with since–I don’t really think it’s salvageable) that way, and started Death Tide. Over the years it has progressed to about 225 pages, and now I’m going to finish it. I think it could me made into something not too shabby.

One of my critiquers reported back to me today on Excalibur Reforged, and she liked it! She really liked it! (With some specific caveats that were well thought-out and most helpful.) Once I hear back from my other critiquer, and once I’ve finished the first draft of Death Tide, I’ll concentrate on polishing up Excalibur Reforged and getting it off to agents. I want a series, darn it!

Tomorrow will involve column-editing, Science Centre exhibit-writing, and Death Tide-ing, i hope.

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