Writing Diary: September 1, 2004

September. The leaves are turning outside our living room window. Bah! Humbug!

I know, I know, that sentiment is generally reserved for Christmas, but in these parts, this year, Labour Day had it coming.

Writing. Did some. A few pages of Razor Wind. Lots of SF Canada blogging; check out all the news here. Note, in particular, Cory Doctorow’s winning of the 2004 Sunburst Award for best Canadian speculative fiction. Yay!

This afternoon I paid a visit to the Saskatchewan Science Centre to discuss writing oodles of text panels for the upcoming Science of Hockey exhibit area. I also heard from Orson Scott Card; his schedule is packed, so my sadly delayed biography will be sadly delayed even further.

Tonight, Net.talk, the phone-in show on computer and Internet topics I host at Access Communications, recommenced after the summer hiatus. Tomorrow, I hold the first auditions for We’ll Meet Again, the show I’m directing for Regina Lyric Light Opera.

I guess the leaves have the right of it after all: autumn may not officially begin for three weeks, but…it’s here.

While we weren’t really paying attention, we tripped over August and fell into fall.

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