Writing Diary: October 28, 2004

“Hey!” I can hear you say (because I can hear through the Internet–what, can’t you?), “How come no writing diary in a very long time?”

Busy, that’s why. Mostly not with writing. The show I’m directing for Regina Lyric Light Opera, We’ll Meet Again (“a humorous and nostalgic revue of the music and comedy of the Second World War”) opens Tuesday. (Yes, THAT Tuesday. Election Day. Canada, remember? Besides, I already voted. Yes, legally. Because I’m an American citizen, that’s why. In Texas. For Bush, if you must know. Not that I think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but because Kerry is so…bad. As a candidate, anyway. And the only other time I voted, I voted for Clinton, back in 1992. So I’m not a knee-jerk Republican. Although, if you’re of the Anybody-but-Bush crowd, I may strike you just as a jerk. But look at it this way. I voted in Texas, so my vote…well, it ain’t gonna change a thing. So chill.)

Ulp. Where was I?

Oh, right. Writing diary. Today I made some good progress on the current Excalibur Reforged draft and also did some Science of Hockey stuff for the Saskatchewan Science Centre. Tomorrow I’ve promised (and this time I mean it!) to have the Science of Hockey stuff finished, so how much fiction writing I get done depends on how well that goes.

When I started this “Writing Diary” business, I wanted to post sample sentences from whatever I worked on each day. So, from today:

Backward skating is similar, except, because of the way the body’s joints bend, the skates never leave the ice and the pushing blade is turned inward instead of outward. While it pushes, the other skate glides, then the roles are reversed. The result is a wavy motion.

And, from Excalibur Reforged:

She put her hands in the water. Instantly she could feel it singing to her, calling her to join with it, to run with it, to gambol with it to river, lake and sea, soar with it into the clouds, fall with it as rain.

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