Writing Diary: October 7, 2004

Light blogging the last couple of days, except for posting my science column, but I’m still ticking!

I’ve gotten in some good licks on Excalibur Reforged, and, of course, there was the aforementioned science column on the Ig Nobels (always one of my favorites). I’ve also had some Regina Lyric Light Opera stuff to work on, and I’m slowly getting up to speed on the hockey exhibit copy for the Saskatchewan Science Centre. I have to get that done before I go off to Saskatoon next week to see Sting and Annie Lennox in concert–then drive back the next day to give a speech on the X-prize, then drive back to Saskatoon for the Saskatchewan Writers Guild annual conference.

But that’s next week. This weekend, it’s Thanksgiving!

Lots to give thanks for, too, really, when you think about it. Beautiful wife, beautiful daughter, good health, nice home…


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