The X Prize: What are the "losers" up to?

Robin Snelson answers a question I’ve had for some time with an article in The Space Review about the “X Prize losers,” the teams that were in the race, at least on paper, but were beat out by the much-better-funded SpaceShip One bunch.

Of particular interest:

The da Vinci Project has been keeping a low profile, after selling tickets then not showing up for a launch date in Saskatchewan last year…Team founder Brian Feeney has said he’s working on new design: a six-passenger winged space plane called Tiger Shark. For the X Prize Cup exhibition, da Vinci will drop test something it probably doesn’t need anymore.

(The X Prize Cup is a kind of sequel to the X Prize. Eventually, it’s supposed to be a kind of regular space race, with teams competing in the launching of suborbital craft. This year, it’s more of a technology exhibition.)

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