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Police technology research centre coming to Regina

The Canadian Police Research Centre, a 26-year-old national agency that studies the latest crime-fighting technology, is planning to set up its new headquarters and research facility right here in Regina.

From the CPRC website:

The Canadian Police Research Centre (CPRC) is a partnership among the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the National Research Council Canada. It is staffed by personnel from the RCMP and the National Researchh Council (NRC), and is governed by an independent advisory board made up of representatives from police and other related organizations from across Canada.

The CPRC studies things like face recognition technology, blast-suppressant foam, and software to protect children from online predators. It’s planning a 25,000-square-foot facility employing a staff of about 30, although the site hasn’t been pinned down yet.

I think I sense some future science columns heading my way…

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