New energy roundup

Winds of Change has posted its regular New Energy Currents round-up of alternative energy news.

One item that particularly caught my eye was this:

A new thermal depolymerization plant in Carthage, MO that converts turkey waste into oil products smells really BAD. So bad, in fact, that the plant is being shut down by the state, despite the fact that the plant’s operator was apparently in the process of adding odor suppression equipment. Apparently, the price of enduring the smell of depolymerizing turkeyshit is considerably greater than $70/barrel oil. UPDATE: Thanks to commenter Robert Schwartz for this tip – apparently, yesterday the plant was granted a two-week stay of execution to prove that its new odor control equipment would be effective.

Thermal deplolymerization is also known as “anything to oil,” and was the subject of this column of mine. I also notice from my main website’s logs that “anything to oil” is a fairly frequent search term bringing people to the site (and that the column has been accessed more than 2,500 times). The process was highlighted in Discover magazine a while ago, so it’s had a fairly high profile. It sounds promising, so I hope they can work out the problems.

The Carthage plant goes formally by the name Renewable Environmental Solutions. Here’s its website.

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