A new hassenpfeature…

…assuming I remember to keep doing it periodically.

Herewith, the top 10 search terms currently bringing people to my main website:

47 spider goat 1.2%
36 rogue waves 0.9%
21 spider goats 0.5%
18 hygiene hypothesis 0.5%
18 golf technology 0.5%
16 wine glasses 0.4%
14 scientific hoaxes 0.4%
14 physics of football 0.4%
13 animal intelligence 0.3%
12 science of soccer 0.3%

I should mention that I’m currently getting around 400 visits a day to that site (according to Sitemeter; the number my server logs show is quite a bit higher, but never mind). Sitemeter tracks 4,000 visits at a time, so the above covers somewhere between the last ten days and two weeks.

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