If you’re kind of a lefty on some things, and a righty on others (politically)…

…what should you be called?

Here’s a contest at Pajamas Media to come up with a name. Enter to win (what else) a pair of pajamas!

I’ve always hated political pigeon-holing and the assumption that because you hold position A about one topic (say, the invasion of Iraq) you must therefore hold position B about another, unrelated topic (say, stem cell research).

I cannot be pigeonholed! I am an individual!

But what do I call me, and those like me? Centrist doesn’t cut it, because I’m not a centrist–I have strong opinions that probably approach extremes. Some come from the left, some from the right.

“Ambidextrous” comes to mind, but I doubt it’s a pajama-winner…

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    • Ian H. on September 14, 2006 at 7:31 pm
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    Totally agree – I hold views from both sides of the political spectrum. My NDP friends think I am right-wing, and my conservative friends think I’m socialist. You just can’t win…

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