A favorable blog mention for Lost in Translation…

…comes from Jethric’s Mess. Jethric summarizes the plot, then says:

It’s a wellwritten book that surprised me in a number of ways. Willett does a wonderful job of bringing his characters alive for the reader, getting you interested in them, and having them do amazing things for all the right reasons.

Having commented before on how happy I am with the new cover, I was also interested to read:

When I first bought the book, I did it for the cover. I was a little worried by it’s seemingly small size (compared to most books on the shelves these days) and that I would not get good value for my money. Boy was I wrong. It felt just the right size.

Most importantly, he concludes:

I rather strongly recommend it.

Thanks for the recommendation, Jethric! And if you need incentive to buy my next one, let me just note that it’s going to be quite a bit longer.

I can only hope the cover is as good. (Well, and the writing, but at least I have some control over that.)

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