Photos of the Day: Reading in Lipton

This morning I drove up to Lipton, about 90 km northeast of Regina, for two readings at Lipton School: one to Grades 5 to 8, and one to Grade 9 to 12. I read a little bit of Andy Nebula to the younger group and a bit of Jimi Hendrix: Kiss the Sky to the older group. Two readings in the space of an hour meant very short sessions, but that was OK. And I guess the readings went OK, too. The younger group had more questions than the older, but nobody threw anything or snored out loud, and what more could you ask?

I took my camera. Here’s the road to Lipton (more accurately, about 20 kilometres west of Fort Qu’Appelle on Highway 10). There was a bit of drifting as warmer weather blew in (at last!) but nothing serious:

And here’s Lipton itself:

And finally, here I am in the Lipton School library (and despite what it looks like, I’m not really threatening to hit anyone over the head with Jimi Hendrix: Kiss the Sky if they don’t shut up and listen to me):

A pleasant and successful trip!

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