A review of my bio of Jimi Hendrix

I found this on Amazon today: the first review I’ve seen of my children’s biography Jimi Hendrix: Kiss the Sky(Enslow Publishers), from Booklist:

From the American Rebels series, this biography introduces electric-guitar virtuoso Jimi Hendrix. Readers may be tempted to skim the opening pages, which explore Hendrix’s family tree back to the 1800s and chronicle his chaotic childhood, but when young Jimi shells out five dollars for a guitar with one string, the narrative finds its focus. Providing telling details, Willett supplies the main facts of Hendrix’s early days in various bands, his breakout festival performances, and his life leading up to his death at the age of 27. Sidebars with heads such as “A Nasty Drunk” and “LSD” comment on seamier aspects of the singer’s life. A few photos illustrate the text, and a chronology, chapter notes for the many quotes, a selected discography, and short lists of books and Web sites enrich this good, basic introduction to Hendrix’s life and the reasons for his enduring fame. — Carolyn Phelan

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