Replacing the u-word with the z-word

YA fantasy author Justine Larbalestier does not like unicorns. Just today she posted:

What is it with you people?

I tell you what an abomination in the sight of the Lord unicorns are and how much I love love love zombies and what do you do? You send me an endless stream of unicorn-related stuff. Gah!

Quit it already! No more!

Now zombie related links I’m all for. Fire away. Share your zombie love with me.

So, just for fun, I went to, did a book search on the keyword “Unicorn,” copied the first 12 hits, and replaced the “u-word” with the “z-word.” The results? An inspiring selection of titles from some alternate universe where people have zombie posters on their walls, little girls fall asleep holding stuffed zombies, and gift shops can’t keep up with the demand for crystal zombies:

The Midnight Zombie
Into the Land of the Zombies (The Zombie Chronicles, Book 1)
The Secret World of Zombies
The Last Zombie
Starlight Surprise (My Secret Zombie)
The Lady and the Zombie
Zombies Are Real
My Secret Zombie Flying High
Dreams Come True (My Secret Zombie)
The Journey Home (Zombies’s Secret Series)
The Zombie Treasury: Stories, Poems, and Zombie Lore
The Black Zombie

And, of course, there’s my own YA fantasy The Dark Zombie.

You know, I think Justine is on to something.

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