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Mrs. Beeton’s Ad of the Day

All the advantages of a gas cooker with none of the disadvantages, this oil cooker promises it “Cooks the Food without Cooking the Cook,” and who could argue with that?

I find it interesting how many of these old ads try to connect something that would seem to be merely a matter of simple preference–cooking with gas or oil–and try to convince you that had a connection to your health. Although, come to think of it, that’s not exactly an unknown approach to advertising products today, is it?

Interestingly enough, there is an Anglo-American Oil Co. Ltd. today, but it doesn’t seem to go in for cookstoves–the current version is much, much newer:

Anglo American Oil Company Ltd was founded in June 1999 by former racer Anders Hildebrand…

Our main business is built on a dedicated customer base of over 3,000 racers and high performance garages that buy products on a daily basis.

The original company referenced in the ad was apparently the UK arm of Standard Oil.

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