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Well, that went pretty well. McNally-Robinson did indeed have Lost in Translation (already signed, though, since I signed their entire stock on my last trip up here), A Safe and Prosperous Future and Genetics Demystified on hand. I signed two or three books and talked to several school librarians, so it was all good. And I had a nice chat with my table-mate, Glenda Goertzen, whose first book, The Prairie Dogs, came out recently from Fitzhenry-Whiteside, and whose sequel, City Dogs, will be out soon.

As promised, I have pictures!
First of all, I’m at the Saskatoon Inn, a place one does not go to in order to admire the surrounding scenery:

This may be why they put so much scenery indoors:

Here’s the “Champagne Area” where all us writer-types were located:

And here’s me, grinnin’ and signin’.

I also attended the banquet, where my congenial tablemates included writer Linda Aksomitis, with whom I served during my one, much-lamented year on the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild board (don’t ask).

Worth the trip, I think. Back on the bus in the a.m. and home by noon to write an entertainment story for the Leader Post about an upcoming Sweet Adelines convention, and my weekly science column.


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