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Signing in Saskatoon

So here I am at the Saskatoon Inn, due to go down in a couple of hours and take part in an Author Signing Coffee House as part of the Saskatchewan School Library Association Conference getting underway here, along with lots of other Saskatchewan writers: Rebecca Grambo, Byrna Barclay, Dave Glaze, Linda Aksomitis, Rod MacIntyre, Glenda Goertzen, Dianne Young, Larry Warwaruk, Carla Braidek, Ruth Millar, Deana Driver, Glen Sorestad, Berniece and Bernie Christenson, Bill Waiser, Lloyd Ratzlaff, Doug Johnson and Lynda Monahan, to be preciese.

McNally Robinson is providing the books to be signed, which presumably means I’ll be signing A Safe and Prosperous Future and Lost in Translation, since I don’t think they have anything else of mine in stock…unless it’s Genetics Demystified, I suppose.

I’ll be back later with a photo and report, I hope. (I’m sure you’re a-twitter with breathless anticipation!) I note that the event is taking place in the Champagne Area but, alas, I also note it is called a Coffee House, which implies no actual champagne will be involved, more’s the pity…

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